Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 14 = Going Beyond

6 miles

This morning everything worked out.  It's cloudy and 70 degrees.  I remembered to eat an energy bar on the way to drop the boys off.  I was out the door by 8:30 - the ideal time for me to run.  I was awake, kind of.  Initially the plan was to run a quick 4 miles as I'm meeting the hubby for and anniversary lunch, and wasn't sure how I would feel that early.  But, after the first 2 miles I woke up and felt great.  Lots of people out walking, running and biking this morning and I felt like I could run longer.  So I did.  The best part was my fastest mile was the last one.  Granted not that fast, but overall I averaged a minute/mile faster than my Monday run.

So I've run 35 miles in the past 2 weeks, had a strength training session or two and have had two really great swim workouts.  I'm pleased with my consistency, looking forward to getting more miles in gradually in the weeks ahead.

I'm drinking a post run smoothie right now.  I usually have post run chocolate milk - my favorite being Purity brand whole chocolate milk... yum.  But we are out of chocolate milk, and we are out of chocolate syrup, and actually, we are out of regular milk as well.  Guess I'll be making a Sam's run this afternoon.  So I decided to just have a smoothie.  I added ice this time and it's so good.

Well I better hit the shower, I have a big date in a bit! :)  Have a great Wednesday.

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