Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 1 = Must Have Patience

My, how I've grown!!

Weight :  131.5
Waist:  29"
Belly Bulge:  35"
Hips:  35.5"
Thigh:  23"
Upper Arm: 12"

Ran 4.2 on treadmill.  I really need to work back into this slowly even though I now have time.  Don't want to cause an injury with my body being in "lazy summer" mode still.  So... I may still do another workout this afternoon.  But it would be smarter to not... but probably I will.  Just a strength workout.  Can't hurt right?  I'm so all or nothing.  It is so hard for me to work back into this slowly.  We'll see what happens.
In other news, here are my boys all ready for the first day of school!

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