Thursday, March 31, 2011

Next 4 weeks

WEEK 1: 16 Mi
ThuMar 31Easy RunDist: 3 Mi @10:05
SatApr 2Long RunDist: 13 Mi @10:05
WEEK 2: 31 Mi
MonApr 4Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:05
TueApr 5Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:05
WedApr 6SpeedworkDist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 8:02 w/800 jogs; Cool
ThuApr 7Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:05
SatApr 9Long RunDist: 13 Mi @10:05
WEEK 3: 33 Mi
MonApr 11Easy RunDist: 5 Mi @10:02
TueApr 12Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:02
WedApr 13Tempo RunDist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 8:38; Cool
ThuApr 14Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:02
SatApr 16Long RunDist: 13 Mi @10:02
WEEK 4: 34 Mi
MonApr 18Easy RunDist: 5 Mi @10:00
TueApr 19Easy RunDist: 5 Mi @10:00
WedApr 20Tempo RunDist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 8:36; Cool
ThuApr 21Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @10:00
SatApr 23Long RunDist: 13 Mi @10:00
WEEK 5: 29 Mi
MonApr 25Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @9:57
TueApr 26Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @9:57
WedApr 27SpeedworkDist: 4 Mi, inc Warm; 2x1600 in 7:56 w/800 jogs; Cool
ThuApr 28Easy RunDist: 4 Mi @9:57
SatApr 30Half Marathon Race Day13.1 Mi @8:34 Time: 1:52:14
These easy runs seem really slow so I'm sure I will be running them faster as I don't have all day, but we'll see if it helps me make that time.  Would be a PR by almost 2 minutes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1/2 Marathon

Ok, this is the deal.  I did not want to run the morning of the race.  It was FREEZING cold and suppose to rain, though it didn't.  It was cloudy and there was a 10 mph wind.  The course was out and back.  I was putting on my timing sensor tag and when I bent down I did something to my knee and thought there was no way I could run.  It hurt for the next hour before the race and I wasn't sure I would make it.  I have never wanted to not run a race so badly!!  I was afraid I would start it and then have to stop.  So I started a little slowly with some friends running their first 1/2 marathon.  I felt ok so I picked up the pace.  Someone had told me that I needed to run a faster first 1/2 of the course because it was an out and back course, and the way back would be directly into the wind. He was right.  When I turned around during mile 7 it was crazy windy right in my face.  So much so I now have wind burn on my face!  But I felt good while I was out there.  The last two miles my legs were seizing up, IT Band issues and also the cold... but I made it almost the exact same time as my last one.  If I can train the next 3 weeks, I am going to try to go all out at the Nashville 1/2 and PR even though it's totally a hilly course.  Now I have a serious cold that I'm fighting... not sure if it's from the race or my 6 year old's soccer game in the rain that afternoon.  But it's brutal. I may live though.

Mile 1:  8:56  ran the first mile with some friends running their first 1/2
Mile 2:  8:39
Mile 3:  8:42
Mile 4:  8:29
Mile 5:  8:30
Mile 6:  8:18 woo hoo!
Mile 7:  8:23  the turn around
Mile 8:  9:13
Mile 9:  8:46
Mile 10: 9:09
Mile 11: 8:54
Mile 12: 9:06  I'm not going to make it.... my IT Bands are killing me!
Mile 13: 8:49
.11        : 0:46

Time 1:54:46 = 8:45 miles.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm full of Joy!! :)  Things are not always easy, but I am learning to find joy in the simple things of life.  Like the weather, and my amazing husband, and my boys, and running.  I am super excited about the race this weekend, just to be able to get out with friends and push my body physically... wonderful!!  And the Lava Ladies have jumped head first into the Ragnar Relay in the Florida Keys in 2012... January... I mean really, that's not that far away, and who doesn't want to go to the Keys in January?  Love!

So I'm off for a little jaunt around town.  I shouldn't run much this week but I am joyfully in the running spirit lately.  Off I go!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've been in a running lull for over 2 weeks now.  I think as we get busier with spring soccer, yard work, the ability to play outside, I find less and less time and energy to devote to my running.  Unfortunately I have a 1/2 marathon next Saturday and then one a month later as well.  I have decided to just enjoy the one in April - The County Music 1/2 in Nashville - it's just a lot of fun and I am going to get to see friends from Atlanta that weekend where we'll spend 2 nights in Nashville.  It's almost like a mini vacation and I'm really looking forward to it!  Next weekend, however, is the competition 1/2 here locally where I'm running with a team of people.  If I don't run well, I will feel like I'm letting them down.  Sad.  When I do run, I am not running the pace or distance I was a month ago.  I think my body, more-so than others, needs rest and doesn't respond well when I push too hard.  Especially when I'm trying to eat less.  It's just wipes me out.  Either that or it's my two little romping boys.  :)  Or perhaps a combination of everything together?

I am allowing myself this time to get back on my feet without any guilt.  I am enjoying my time with the boys this spring.  I love watching them play soccer and practicing with them in the yard after school.  That's the things they will remember when they get older, not how many miles mom logged on the treadmill, or how many pr's I get in my races.  Sometimes it's good to take a break and reorganize priorities.  Running is a hobby, my family is my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I realize that I never updated my dilemma in being able to hear my Ipad play Lost episodes while I ran on the treadmill.  My treadmill has speakers you can hook up to the Ipad and I guess I just didn't have it pushed in far enough.  So now I'm like 6 episodes or more into the first season of Lost and I love it.  I run while I'm watching and it's just perfect.  I know you were all really concerned about my lip reading/running problem so I just wanted to post this update.  :)

Did you watch Lost when it was on TV?  Ever go back and watch an old series you missed when it was on?  I must say, if you never watched Friday Night Lights, that's worth renting.  It's soooooo good, one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  The last season is about to air coming up on NBC.  Go back to the beginning, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching up...

I'm trying to catch up on my miles this week.  Forgive me for not posting more.  Looking to get back in the upper 20's.  By the way, I got Kristin Armstrong's new book - Mile Markers - 26.2 reasons women run.  It's really a great read and is compiled of blogs she has done on her Mile Marker's blog here. Read it.

Off to run...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dead Legs

   So I ran a 1/2 marathon...4 WEEKS AGO!!  Why are my legs still dead?  I haven't had one run where I've felt really good since then.  Every mile is a struggle.  Yes, I did run 33 miles last week which is a lot for me, but they were all hard miles.  None that felt light and speedy.  So this week I have been slacking.  I do not have the energy I should of late, and my running is stealing energy  from my family.  There is just not enough to go around.  So I've run twice this week for two reasons... 1 - to see if I have more energy for my family (Yes I do!)  and 2 - to see if my legs can recover (Not sure yet).  I think I'm bagging our group long run in the morning as the forecast calls for 100% rain from this afternoon through all of tomorrow.  I will get a few on the treadmill but my guess is my weekly mileage this week to be 1/2 of what it was last.  I am expecting more next week - energy, miles and speed.  

  I am thinking of doing a giveaway to get more people to read my blog.  I'm just not sure how to go about promoting it.  Got any ideas?  Let me know.  I hope your training is going well.  I hope your legs are light and springy and you have plenty of left over energy for your family.  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Tangent Tuesday

Here we go:

1) I don't mind when people eat and live differently than I do.  I really don't.  And I endure reluctantly those that try to impose their views on me.  I always feel inferior around these people for some reason - Yes, I still have aluminum baking pans and plastic tupperware, I still warm stuff in the microwave, and we still eat frozen, preservative filled food occasionally - and my family and I may die from cancer at some point!!  I get it!! I really do, but I am not the anal type to go research every health benefit/hinderance to every thing on the planet, and then go nut-so getting it out of my house.  The thing that really makes me laugh though, is if you try to tell these people to chill and impose some of your laid back views on them, they are totally appalled.  It's really humorous.  :)  Let your kid have a cookie for goodness sake!!!!

2)  It makes me sad that tanning causes skin cancer.  It makes me more sad that I have had skin cancer (maybe it wasn't the sun, maybe it was the aluminum, plastic and preservatives!).  I don't like being white and loathe self tanners.  The perils!

3)  My house is never totally clean at once.  I clean in segments.  For example, the kitchen and wood floors were cleaned today along with finishing up the laundry.  That leaves the bedrooms, bathrooms and playroom unkempt for now.  By the time I get to those, the kitchen and floors will be dirty again.  Don't judge, it's just how I roll.

Give me your 3 tangents!