Thursday, February 3, 2011


  The last few times I've been running I've had "twinges" here and there.
Twinge: def. noun a weird acute pain that occurs in runners that makes them wonder if they should quit or just push through, and has them second guessing the whole run, especially if it comes and goes more than once.

 Now that you have an understanding of a twinge, I would like to elaborate on mine.  Twinge #1:  Right knee under patella (probably runners knee); usually happens later in runs or afterwards.  Twinge #2:  Inside left knee- have no idea what this could be but it is sharp and annoying.  Only hurts sometimes, not every run.  Twinge #3: Top of left foot; every 1/2 mile to mile, very sharp acute pain.  Ouch.  Almost stops me in my tracks.  This happened for the first time today.  Really not fun.

Since I don't know what these pains are really, I will, like other runners I know, continue to ignore them until they blossom into something serious enough to put me on my butt.  I'm sure it won't be long.

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