Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Tangent Tuesday

For the 3 of you that read my blog... ok, 2 because my husband doesn't count, I am going to start a 3 Tangent Tuesday where you tell 3 random things about yourself (idea courtesy of Hungry Runner Girl), or more likely, I will write 3 random things and no one will comment because no one reads this.  :)

1)  I don't let my kids win when we play games.  I usually try really hard to win because a) I'm competitive and b) it makes them try harder and want to get better to beat mom.

2)  I love it when we can stay in PJ's all day.  ALL DAY!!

3)  I have 4 significant scars on my body - 3 are from having skin cancer, or pre- cancerous moles removed, one is from jumping on the bed when I was two and busting the bridge of my nose.  Nice.

Ok, so your turn.


  1. Love this Kassie!

    1 - I don't let my kids win at games either (not because of #2 just because I want to teach them to also be competative)

    2 - I hate losing at anything...I mean anything at all...My husband says my level of being competative is a problem.

    3 - I love chips and salsa...not salsa out of a jar but good fresh spicey salsa!

    keep up the awesome blog and the great work at running!!!

  2. Ha ha Holly - we are the same person!! Love and miss ya!!