Friday, February 4, 2011


  WARNING:  I'm about to endorse a product so... listen up.  I have super sensitive skin, like super, super sensitive.  I have to use hypoallergenic products, can't use the sweet smelling bath and body works stuff, or anti-aging creams without super red, scaly skin - beautiful I know.  Anyway, I was looking for a new facial moisturizer and went to The Cosmetic Store in Cool Springs last year.  I asked the girl that worked there what she thought and she instantly took me to a new product they had that she LOVED:  Skin Retreat by Ekoh.  Now I LOVE it.  It's also not expensive, about $40 a jar, and it makes my face feel so moisturized and soft.  Made with all natural ingredients, this stuff ROCKS.  There is also a scrub you can use that is FANTASTIC.  I am about to be on my third jar.  Find it here.

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