Sunday, February 13, 2011


Woo Hoo!!  Yesterday I ran the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite 1/2 marathon in Lebanon, TN.  I ran a 1:54:35!!  The course was hillier than I anticipated, with ice still on parts, and over a mile on a gravel trail, but I felt really great and ran hard which is unusual for me.  I think my consistent training is paying off!!  Left you will see my pre-race breakfast of crunchy peanut butter and banana on whole wheat thin bagels toasted. The race didn't start until 11 am which threw off my usual pre-race routine.  I had to eat more than normal to keep me going.

mile 1: 8:29
mile 2: 8:36
mile 3: 8:57
mile 4: 8:40
mile 5: 9:00
mile 6: 8:31
mile 7: 8:39
mile 8: 9:13
mile 9: 8:13
mile 10: 8:43
mile 11: 8:52
mile 12: 9:11
mile 13: 8:35
0.14 : 6:02

WOW!! 8:43 Average pace which is GREAT for me.  My last PR was 9:09 Average pace on a similarly hilly course.  3 months ago I would have thought you were crazy if you told me I could run this pace for a 1/2 marathon.  It's amazing what you can train your body to do!  Cool trophy above for finishing 3rd in my age group!


  1. GIRL!!! YOU DID AMAZING AND ON A HILLY COURSE TOO!! CONGRATS!! THAT IS SO SO COOL!!! WOW!! Loved reading about it. Your quote is perfect and I will be using is funny how I expect races not to hurt ha! CONGRATS and Great time woman, you are amazing!

  2. Congrats Kassie...this is awesome! You should be very proud :-)