Monday, February 21, 2011


  I made a bad decision to run 5 miles this morning with some friends.  My legs are continually tired for some reason.  I ran 8 Friday and 6 yesterday but thought I could keep up for 5 miles, even though these two girls are much faster than me.  We started ok though I was having some stomach issues... mile 1.  (We ran these miles are much faster than my tempo run, actually much faster than my goal 10k pace).  Mile 2: I am fading now.  Sara is way up ahead a couple hundred yards and JW is in between Sara and me.  Mile 3 proved brutal... did I mention the 30 mph winds seemingly pushing me backwards?  Stomach pain.  I can still see JW - just keep her in site!  Mile 4.... stomach pain!! I can barely see JW but am determined to keep up.  What is wrong with me?  Mile 5: Just suffer push through one more mile.  I finished the 5.  I have to remember that I didn't feel the greatest, my legs are still not back for some reason, and the windy conditions were tough.  Chasing is a pain in the rear.  But it pushed me beyond what I would have done on my own.  I am wiped out for some reason.

Weight Loss Challenge:
I am currently trying to restrict my calories a bit in order to lose some weight.  This isn't helping my energy level, though I am eating many small snacks instead of my usual meals.  I started at 126.6 lbs this morning.  I am going to weigh again on Thursday.  My goal is to get down to 120 lbs. or close to it by my 1/2 marathon in March (towards the end of March).  We'll see if my plan works as I weigh in twice a week.

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