Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Requirements

  I need sleep.  No, like, I really need sleep.  Not like other people need sleep... I need sleep like a cat needs sleep - 18 hours a day would not be too much.  Of course, I don't actually get that much sleep, but it would suit me well I think.  My husband, he does not sleep.  He can function well on 5 hours a night - which to me is more like a nap.  He wakes around 5 every morning - I know, right?  WAY TOO EARLY!!
  So all this to say, when I do a long run or a speed workout, afterwards my body wants to crash.  I'm all good until the shower and then I'm like spaghetti.  I... just... need... to... nap.  I wonder if it's iron deficiency or some other lack of vitamins, or this is just how I'm programmed.  What about you, do you need excessive sleep time?  Does a workout recharge your battery or drain it?  And what is your favorite re-fueling trick after a hard workout?  I always head for the chocolate milk... not the low-fat kind either like the running magazines suggest.  No, I like the creamy, fatty kind and though it may sound gross if you haven't tried it, my body craves it after a run.  And it goes down smooth. :)  Got any tricks for energy kicks?  Besides 5 hour energy drinks or rockstar or mountain dew or coffee?  Please send them my way... I will be sure to try them... after... my... nap... (yawn).

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