Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Christmas Gift

    My Christmas present this year was a surprise - my husband gave me a treadmill on which he is currently walking.  So sweet!!  I think it's like one of those gifts that gives back to the giver.  I must say, it has been great to have this week during the miserably cold, snowy, icy weather.  The treadmill never has been my favorite cardio machine, but now that I am a runner and can log miles when my husband isn't on it with my kids at home and when it's freezing - I find it a lifesaver.  I'm curious as to how my husband's training will progress with it - if I will lose some strength from not running on the roads with the hills.  I adjust the incline but it is still different.  I also feel that I'm running much faster though it says I'm running slower... but maybe my stride is a bit longer outside?  No matter, he is I am loving the ability to log miles each day.

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  1. I am so happy you commented on my blog because I AM LOVING YOURS!!! treadmill?!?! K, I am SO SO Jealous. I drop hints for one every day of my life but yet I never will get one!!! Yay, for new blog friends. P.S. I love the design of your blog!