Saturday, January 29, 2011


  I have a retraction to make.  January may have made up for its past weather woes.  Today was BEAUTIFUL!  Tony and I had a much needed date night last night and got home late from a night out in Nashville, so I skipped my training run this morning and opted for a midday run.  10 miles, beautiful 50 degree weather, and though my Ipod was dead when I strapped it on to go, I enjoyed the run - just me and my thoughts.  That could be a scary situation, I admit, but it ended up actually being somewhat therapeutic.  So much better than my beloved treadmill.  I ran easy 9:05's on a hilly route.  And the kids got to play outside and release some pent up energy.  Double Plus!!!
  So for you runners out there, I have a question.  Do you run your long run the week before a race?  I have a half marathon 2 weeks out and not sure what to do next weekend with my runs.  This is not my goal half, just a training run.  I'm not gonna try to kill it or anything, so maybe I'll just do my long run next Saturday as planned.  Any advice is much appreciated.  Hope you got out and enjoyed your weather too!!

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