Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Tangent Tuesday

Here we go:

1) I don't mind when people eat and live differently than I do.  I really don't.  And I endure reluctantly those that try to impose their views on me.  I always feel inferior around these people for some reason - Yes, I still have aluminum baking pans and plastic tupperware, I still warm stuff in the microwave, and we still eat frozen, preservative filled food occasionally - and my family and I may die from cancer at some point!!  I get it!! I really do, but I am not the anal type to go research every health benefit/hinderance to every thing on the planet, and then go nut-so getting it out of my house.  The thing that really makes me laugh though, is if you try to tell these people to chill and impose some of your laid back views on them, they are totally appalled.  It's really humorous.  :)  Let your kid have a cookie for goodness sake!!!!

2)  It makes me sad that tanning causes skin cancer.  It makes me more sad that I have had skin cancer (maybe it wasn't the sun, maybe it was the aluminum, plastic and preservatives!).  I don't like being white and loathe self tanners.  The perils!

3)  My house is never totally clean at once.  I clean in segments.  For example, the kitchen and wood floors were cleaned today along with finishing up the laundry.  That leaves the bedrooms, bathrooms and playroom unkempt for now.  By the time I get to those, the kitchen and floors will be dirty again.  Don't judge, it's just how I roll.

Give me your 3 tangents!

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