Friday, August 10, 2012

Training, heel pain, long runs

I haven't been keeping up with this too well.  Last week I got my 15 miler in on Thursday before hubby and I went on a little trip.  The kids were visiting grandparents so it worked out well.  Since then though I have been struggling with heel pain.  I was worried it was PF but then after researching I thought it was achilles tendonitis.  I'm still not sure.  I took wednesday and thursday off to see what would happen.  This morning I put on an older pair of running shoes and ran 6 miles.  I struggled but there wasn't as much pain.  Suppose to do a 17 miler tomorrow... we'll see.  I'm committed to doing it unless I am in a lot of pain.  I really don't want an injury.  I have put so many miles into this training already, and I can see the end in sight.  I may have to get a new pair of running shoes soon.

Can't decide if I want to drive to the park tomorrow or just run the neighborhoods again.  I'm thinking neighborhoods.  :)

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