Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's crazy.  I ran 18 miles yesterday.  9:51 average miles.  And I'm not  sore.  I wasn't sore last week after 17 either.  I'm not sure why... I guess my body is just adjusting.  I am doing an ice bath right when I return from my run, along with ibuprofen.  It seems to be working.  Now only one super long run before the big event.  I am confident I can do my 20 miler in two weeks.

I have read a lot about how hard it is the last 6 miles.  I guess I just trust my training and knowing I can make it.  I may walk, but I will finish barring some unforeseen circumstances. I am really getting excited.  Where before I was scared and worried, after doing the plan so far, I am confident I will make it.  It's really amazing what you can train your body to do.  I never thought I could run this long.

Another funny thing is, this week is a cutback week, and my long run is only 13 miles.  That's so funny.  13 seems so easy now.  Ha!

I need to focus on nutrition.  I haven't been eating the healthiest and if I can do that, I should be able to down my weight and stress my legs even less.  We'll see.

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