Thursday, June 28, 2012

Side tracked

I wish I was at the beach still... on that rainy weekend, just me and my hubby.  We had such a good time!

So the soccer tournament got cancelled because of not enough teams.  But I probably wasn't going anyway.  Yesterday afternoon at half time of the Portugal vs. Italy game, I started getting sick.  I got on the treadmill to do my daily miles and whoa, totally nauseous.  So pretty much from 3 until 10 I was puking.  It was awful.  The WORST kind of cleanse.  I weigh 5 lbs less today.  I think though that I'm feeling better now.  But to play soccer in 100+ temps would have been unfathomable.  Hopefully I can get enough fluids back to do my long run on Saturday.  Yikes.

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