Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So the past few days I've watched a couple of running movies.  I've come to realize that grinding out treadmill miles needs a distraction.  So the first one I watched was Spirit of the Marathon.  When I turned it on Netflix I didn't realize it was documenting a few runners training for the Chicago Marathon... how convenient!  I really enjoyed it.

The next one I've watched is the classic Chariots of Fire.  Good flick!

Have you seen any good running movies?  I still want to watch Prefontaine.

I got my six miles in on the treadmill last night watching Chariots.  It made me sad because yesterday's weather was glorious and would have been a perfect running day... but the hubby was out of town.

Today is cleaning day.  I have 3 miles on the docket, but will try to do more as I am going to miss my long run on Saturday due to the soccer tournament.

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