Saturday, August 3, 2013


Made it back to the 30 mile week.
Monday - 7
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - 3
Friday - 4
Saturday - 12!
Sunday - off probably.

Funny thing, 2 weeks ago I ran 9 early in the morning with a humid, sunny day. I was tired all day, really just worthless.  But I ate nothing right after running, didn't have gatorade on my run.  Basically spent the day in bed.  This morning, it was cloudy and a bit cooler, but I ran 12 miles - the last one being 9:07!- and came home, drank chocolate milk and had a yogurt, ice bath.  I feel so fine now.  A bit tired, but nothing like last week.  Yay for taking care of myself!

We'll see if I can keep up the miles coming off of this higher than normal mileage week - or will the dead legs creep in?

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