Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recovery Week

Didn't do much this week.  I'm still trying to shake this cold thing.  So Thursday I did a sweat and sculpt class which is pretty tough and then today I did 5 miles.  Which it's only been a week, but my legs felt fine.  I wasn't that tired.  My breathing was a little labored, but it had rained early this morning and it was cloudy.  But of course when I got through mile 1 the sun came out and it was super humid.  But glad to get the miles in.  I'm going to increase my days running the next couple of weeks to 4 to 5 days with a long run 10+ miles every other weekend.  Then when June rolls around I'm going to hit my Marathon Training schedule.  Not exactly sure what that is going to look like or which one I'm going to use, but looking forward to this adventure.  I will have to discipline myself to get up this summer and get these runs over with in the morning, then take the boys to Beech Bend all day every day and chill.... sounds like a great summer to me. :)

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