Monday, May 14, 2012

May Days

Wow, this month of May is absolute chaos.  I never realized.  I have had 4 field trips in two weeks, teacher gifts for teacher appreciation week, bake sales for talent shows, field day, Mother's day, awards celebrations, graduations and now a wedding.  I got a 10 mile run in Friday which was good since I knew the rest of the weekend was shot.  I ran slow and didn't take any water.  It wasn't bad at all and I was only running 10 sec/mile slower than my 1/2 marathon.  I really was in bad shape for that race.  But I got 20 miles in last week on 3 runs so I'm happy with that.  Today I did a 25 minute run before my sweat and sculpt class.  So that's like an hour and 1/2 of workout.  I feel good, if I could only get my diet in order.  I have been eating crap.  Uggh.

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