Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Equivalent Performances

Ever checked out you Equivalent Performances?  I went to and checked mine out as I'm preparing to start Marathon training soon.  It's pretty cool.  You put in your "best" time for an event and it gives you equivalent performances for every other event - there are 28 events.  Then it gives you the pace you should run on Recovery Jogs, Long Runs, Easy Runs, Steady-state Runs, tempo runs, tempo intervals and cruise intervals.  Very cool.

I put in a 1/2 time of 2:00 since that's my average.  It says I should run a full in 4:13:05.  I laugh.  I would be ecstatic if that were the case and I guess it comes down to if I am able to train all summer like I want to or not.

The funny thing is it gives me a 5k time of 25:58 - I am a good 2 minutes faster than that.  Maybe I don't know how to push myself enough for the longer distances.  Anyway, just wanted to share how neat I thought this was.


  1. Hey Kass! Been a while since I've checked in with you and glad to see you've got Nashville coming up again! . Best of luck next weekend! Just have fun out there. ;)

    1. Thanks Caryn. I re-read your Boston experience. Scary. I'm glad you shared all of it, may help some people realize how dangerous heat exhaustion can be. You did so well to finish that one! Glad you recovered!!