Thursday, April 26, 2012

Compression Socks

Yesterday I dropped $35 on a pair of socks.  No, they were not made of gold or laced with an illegal drug.  My left calf has been cramping on my long runs around mile 11, so I thought I might try a pair of compression socks.  They are black, they are tight, and they are... ugly.  I feel like a tool, but I guess I will wear them.  The local running guy here at Trax is very cool and he told me once I wear them I will never go back.  Memories of shin guard tans from college and high school come rushing back.  I will have a permanent sock tan from here on I guess.
But as I rack up the miles in marathon training, I figure they will be worth the investment.  Heck, maybe I'll even get another pair at the expo that are a bit more fashion forward... I'll let you know.

In other news, allergies are killing me.  Absolute murder.  I'm tired, my face feels swollen, my nose is stopped up, throat is sore, and I feel like I got hit by a bus.  What in the world?  I don't know.  I just don't know.  It came upon me yesterday like a ton of bricks and now I'm coughing and have zero energy.  Suddenly dreading the all day field trip to a farm tomorrow.  uh oh.  How is this going to jive with the race Saturday morning?  I will be in prayer and let you know.

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