Monday, July 11, 2011

Mississippi Coast Marathon (or half marathon!)

Yes, I'm considering a full marathon.  Maybe.  November 26.  We are at the in-laws this year for Thanksgiving down in Mobile, AL, so I was looking for a race that weekend.  I found one about an hour and 1/2 away the Saturday after Thanksgiving and two days after my 35th birthday!  Whoa!  35!  I guess maybe that would be a good way to celebrate, either my first marathon or a great 1/2 marathon.  The Mississippi Coast Marathon.  It's small, cheap and flat.  I'm excited about the opportunity.  It's a ways off, but I should have plenty of time to train this fall with both boys in school full time.  I do have other obligations Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but still should have time to get training in and up my mileage considerably.

Now to find a good 1/2 marathon in late September, early October to test my fitness.  Hmmmm...

In other news, the Nike Training Club app is awesome and getting me toner and fitter and stronger.  I love it.  But, I am in serious endurance deprivation from a lack of long runs over the past few months, though think I can get it back pretty quick.   I need to get consistently back to 25 mpw.  I'm struggling now with 15-20.  Then I will try to up to 35 if I can hang.  Usually if I get past 28-30 I am constantly tired but maybe I just need a bit more consistency until my stamina can get built up.

I'm heading to Detroit Thursday for a friend's wedding!  Can't wait to see old friends and have a girls weekend.  Maybe I can sneak a run in....  we'll see.

On the consumption front, I have been CRAVING these:
I just want DP all the time.  I haven't been drinking soda for a while so this is just strange.  I give in to the urge every now and again, while hoping I kick this little habit very soon...

What are your fall race plans?  I am pumped!!!

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