Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On my mind....

I haven't been able to work hard the last few weeks like I'd hoped, but I'm still looking forward to the Country Music 1/2 Marathon.  My friends will be there running too, some from Nashville, some from Atlanta, and some from Bowling Green.  Plus my brother and his girlfriend are coming up from Florida and I've never met her, and she's running with me!   It's going to be fun no matter my time.  I love Nashville.  I run without an ipod because I just love the atmosphere.  I love the bands, the fans, the other runners.  It's just fun.  I can't wait to go to the concert after, and celebrate with all the other runners and my friends.  So looking forward to all of it.

I have two friends, Caryn (see her blog here) and Brian that are running Boston a week from yesterday.  I'm so excited for them both!!  Can't wait to follow the whole race!!!


  1. Good Luck Kassie...sounds like you'll have SO much fun! I wish I was running Nashville!

  2. Hey! That's ME on your blog!!! :) Thanks, girl!

    Kass, don't forget that sometimes, not getting to work as hard as you'd hoped can actually work FOR you and not against you! It's rest for your body, which we running mommas need, but sometimes we don't recognize it as that and think that we are taking time off. Perhaps your taper is longer than you wanted it to be, but don't discount yourself. You are going to rock it! And like I've said before, you've got the best base going that you've ever had. We women in our 30's get BETTER with age. You're nowhere near your peak yet for distance running. GO WITH IT. GO FOR IT. You are not afraid. You were born to do this, sista!

    Caryn @ www.carynsgottarun.com :)